Discover the Top 7 Rewards and Bonuses at Basant Club

top 7 basant club bonus and rewards

Basant Club is transforming the gaming world by offering exciting rewards and bonuses. This platform not only provides a fantastic gaming experience but also richly rewards players for their loyalty and accomplishments. Here’s a closer look at why Basant Club is a favorite among gamers.

First Deposit Bonus

Basant club deposit bonus

Welcome to Basant Club, where your gaming journey hits the ground running with fantastic rewards from your very first deposit. Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Deposit ₹300 to get a ₹35 bonus.
  • Deposit ₹500 and receive an additional ₹50.
  • A ₹1,000 deposit earns you a ₹100 bonus.
  • Step it up with ₹5,000 to snag a ₹500 bonus.
  • Go further with ₹10,000 for a ₹1,000 boost.
  • A substantial deposit of ₹50,000 rewards you with a ₹5,000 bonus.
  • Make the ultimate first impression with ₹100,000 to receive a top-tier ₹10,000 bonus!

Note: This bonus is a one-time affair per account. The larger your initial deposit, the heftier your reward!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You can only use this offer the first time you add money to your account, and you get only one chance to use it. The more money you add, the bigger the bonus you can receive, up to a maximum of ₹10,000.
  2. You cannot use this offer more than once. You must manually claim your rewards on iOS, Android, H5, and PC platforms.
  3. To cash out any bonus (not including the original money you added), you need to use it in at least one bet. This rule is the same for all platforms.
  4. This promotion is for personal use only. It’s against the rules to use rented accounts, plugins, robots, multiple accounts, exploit loopholes, or any other tricks. Doing so may lead to losing your rewards, your account being frozen, or being banned.
  5. The platform has the final decision on how these terms are interpreted, to avoid any confusion.

Basant Club Agents: Active Downline Bonus

Basant Club active downline bonus

Step into a role of a Basant Club Agent and build your team to start earning more through the Active Downline Bonus. For every active player you refer, your daily earnings could look like this:

  • 5 Active Downline: Earn ₹250 daily
  • 10 Active Downline: Earn ₹500 daily
  • 20 Active Downline: Earn ₹1,200 daily
  • 30 Active Downline: Earn ₹2,000 daily
  • 50 Active Downline: Earn ₹3,509 daily
  • 100 Active Downline: Earn ₹8,000 daily
  • 300 Active Downline: Earn ₹25,000 daily
  • 500 Active Downline: Earn ₹40,000 daily
  • 1000 Active Downline: Earn ₹80,000 daily
  • 3000 Active Downline: Earn ₹250,000 daily

Grow Your Circle with the Daily Quick Invitation Bonus

Basant club daily invite bonus

Expand your network at BASANT CLUB and enhance your income through our Daily Quick Invitation Bonus. Every new member you bring into the fold can significantly boost your earnings, with bonuses calculated daily. Simply ensure each new member makes an initial recharge of at least ₹300 to qualify.

3 Downline300100


Terms and Conditions:

  1. E-Wallet Linking: You and your team need to connect your E-wallet details to your BASANTCLUB profiles.
  2. Timing: Bonuses are calculated every day from midnight to 11:59 PM.
  3. Bonus Payment: Bonuses earned today will be given out tomorrow.
  4. No Betting Required: You can keep all the bonuses you earn without any gambling requirements!
  5. One Account Per Person: Every member must have their own IP, email, and phone number, which must be different from others and their leaders.

Increase your earnings and build your network with BASANTCLUB’s Daily Quick Invitation Bonus. Start inviting now and see your bonuses increase!

VIP Rewards and Exclusive Benefits

Basant Club VIP Agent rewards and bonuses

Climb the VIP ladder at Basant Club to unlock personalized rewards and benefits. Monthly VIP rewards, daily betting rebates, and promotional gifts are just a few perks awaiting our elite players.

VIP levelLEVEL UP REWARDSMONTHLY REWARDSSafe (%)Lottery Rebate (%)Slots Rebate (%)|PVC Rebate (%)Casino/Sports Rebate (%)
VIP 0000.05%0.05%0.05%0.20%
VIP 180300.20%0.10%0.10%0.10%0.3
VIP 22001000.20%0.15%0.15%0.15%0.3
VIP 370030025%0.15%0.15%0.15%0.35
VIP 419009000.25%0.20%0.20%0.20%0.35
VIP 5700025000.30%0.20%0.20%0.20%0.4
VIP 61690070000.30%0.25%0.25%0.25%0.45
VIP 770000296000.35%0.25%0.25%0.25%0.475
VIP 8189000700000.35%0.30%0.30%0.30%0.5
VIP 98800003690000.40%0.35%0.35%0.35%0.55
  1. If you qualify for the VIP level, you will get special VIP rewards and monthly VIP prizes. 
  2. You don’t have to apply to receive these rewards. 
  3. You can collect your monthly VIP prizes each month. 
  4. Daily betting rebates are automatically issued at 1 AM the following day.

Aim High with the Aviator High Betting Award

Basant club aviator additional rewards

Set your sights high in the Aviator game and stand a chance to win up to ₹10,000 for achieving top multipliers. Bet boldly and claim your well-earned bonuses directly through your guide!

Aviator Additional Award MultiplyBonus

How to Get Your Bonus:

Contact your teacher to get your bonus. Show them evidence of your winning streak!


  1. You need to bet at least ₹100.
  2. First, share evidence of cashing out at a high multiplier in the group. Then, show it to your teacher to get your bonus.
  3. You can get this bonus only once each day.

Win Big with the WinGo Winning Streak Bonus

basant club win streak bonus

If WinGo is your game, get ready for an extra dose of excitement! Achieve consecutive wins and earn bonuses that can escalate quickly:

  • 5 wins in a row: Earn ₹30
  • 6 wins in a row: Earn ₹60
  • 7 wins in a row: Earn ₹90
  • 10 wins in a row: Earn ₹180
  • 12 wins in a row: Earn ₹270
  • 15 wins in a row: Earn ₹360

How to Get Your Bonus:

Getting your bonus is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Talk to Your Teacher: Present them with evidence of your winning streak.
  • Eligibility: Only players of the WinGo game can receive this bonus.
  • Minimum Bet: Your bet must be at least ₹30. Bets under ₹30 do not qualify for the bonus.
  • Provide Winning Proof: Before talking to your teacher about the bonus, show evidence of your winning streak in the group.
  • Timing matters: All your wins should be within the same timeframe to be considered a streak. 

You must claim your bonus on the day of your wins; waiting until the next day will invalidate it.

Don’t miss this chance to increase your winnings. Keep winning and claim your bonuses today!

Become a Basant Club Content Creator on YouTube

basant club youtube video creation bonus

Turn your gaming experiences and strategies into engaging YouTube content and potentially earn up to ₹50,000. Attract viewers, share your unique insights, and get rewarded for your popularity!


Bonus Claim Rules:

Important Conditions:

Ensure that your referrals do not use the same bank details or IP address as yours. If they do, you will not receive the bonus.

Basant Club may require you to present valid documents to verify your eligibility for the bonus and to ensure your identity is protected.


You must have recharged your account and linked your e-wallet/USDT/bank details before you are eligible to claim the bonus.

Your video submission must be at least one month old to be considered.

How to Claim Your Bonus:

Submit the link to your video to customer service.

Your video must meet the necessary viewership criteria to qualify for the bonus.

Event Period: From March 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024

Who Can Watch: The event is open to the general public.

By participating, you agree to abide by these rules.

Join Basant Club today and take advantage of continuous opportunities to earn and win. Our dedicated customer service team is here to support you every step of the way. Sign up, engage, and start maximizing your rewards with Basant Club!

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